Musica Imagica is the musical project of Emiliano D'Onofrio, musician and composer based in Rome, Italy.

Musica imagica it's both a musical project and the definition of an approach and aestethics for image-driven music composition, wheter or not the scores are specifically composed for movies or for other media


Emiliano D' Onofrio is based in Rome, and has master Oboe degree obtained at Conservatorio di Musica S Cecilia in Rome, then further improving under the teachings of former 1st oboe chair at Accademia Nazionale di S Cecilia, M° Paolo Pollastri.

- Winner of music for visuals competition
"Roma Soundtrack competition" (Rome, 2008)

- Co-founder and member of musical roman band Mosbanda, aiming at mixed styles of music (classic, jazz, experimental) , from 1997 to 2017

- Soundtrack for show teather "Blues in 16" under Stefano Benni supervision, Scuderia (Bologna, 2013)

- Original music for the show "la Fabbrica dell'Ostiense", cultural association "Controchiave" (Rome, 2017,2018, 2019)

- Certificates of "Sound engineer" and "Electronic music producer" obtained with semester course of the Roma Sound Design school (Rome, 2022)

- Commission special mention for the composition "Tempo", competition "Secondo orizzonte Musica" , of cultural association San Marino Artist and Fondazione Tito Balestra onlus (2022, San Marino)

- Certificate of "Music Composition for Cinema and videogames" with Steinberg training , obtained with annual course at the "Scuola Internazionale di Comics" (Rome, 2023)

Always interested in mixing different styles and genres of music, Emiliano composes original music higly image-oriented, trough synthetizers, samplers, virtual instruments and acoustics instruments (like Oboe itself and the english horn)